FMLS: Evolution of Trading Platforms & Future Trends

Discover FMLS Insights: Evolution of trading platforms, Addressing Challenges, and Adapting to Financial Landscape Trends.

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Experts shares Insights on Challenges and Future Trends in the Evolution of Trading Platforms at FMLS Panel. The session, titled “Trading Platform Solutions: Learning from the Past, Charting the Future,” featured prominent figures in the industry, offering insights into the dynamic landscape of financial technology.

Moderated by Alexis Droussiotis, the Head of Match-Trader Platform at Match-Trade Technologies, the panel included Jay Mawji, Managing Director at INFINOX, Ran Strauss, CEO at Leverate, and Alexey Kutsenko, CEO and founder at Tools for Brokers. The discussion kicked off with a reflection on the operational challenges faced by the industry back in 2005.

Mawji highlighted the ongoing battle faced by brokerages in keeping pace with evolving technology and platform stacks. He noted, “If we examine the popular apps today, they are notably simplified trading applications, akin to what was available 13 years ago.” The panelists emphasized the challenge of meeting diverse client preferences in a landscape where trading products have become more accessible but also more varied.

FMLS Panel: Evolution of Trading Platforms and Future Trends

Strauss highlighted the shift from desktop dominance to the current multi-device landscape, while Kutsenko emphasized the necessity of a multi-asset platform to align with the diverse preferences of modern traders. The discussion also touched upon the role of user feedback in shaping trading platforms, with Mawji emphasizing the importance of technology providers driving innovations.

As the panelists explored the challenges of catering to different trader demographics, including the preferences of Generation Z, they acknowledged the importance of adapting to trends and simplifying interfaces for novice traders. The demanding nature of brokers was discussed, with Strauss mentioning urgent requests like migration and Mawji highlighting the importance of focusing on a value proposition.

Examining the trend, Kutsenko acknowledged the logical appeal for larger companies, and Strauss suggested providing rich APIs and tools for easy integration. However, caution advised against complete rebranding, citing challenges in attracting clients to a new interface.

With mobile trading gaining prominence, the panelists recognized its significance for both traders and brokers. Strauss highlighted the importance of a mobile-first approach, while Kutsenko emphasized the trend toward automated trading from mobile devices. According to Kutsenko, “From the client’s point of view, manual trading is becoming a thing of the past.”

Looking ahead, the panel discussed the impact of emerging technologies such as AI and quantum computing on trading platforms. Strauss emphasized the role of AI in improving client communication and machine learning in enhancing trading strategies. Kutsenko and Mawji highlighted the potential for AI to bring new opportunities and analyze data more efficiently.

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