Interactive Brokers Expands Platform Offerings Globally

Discover how Interactive Brokers expands platform offerings globally, enhancing access to diverse financial instruments for investors.

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Interactive Brokers expands its trading offerings with new exchanges and products on its platform, catering to diverse investments. Among the notable additions is the Cboe CEDX, a pan-European derivatives exchange specializing in index derivatives and single-stock options. This exchange promises enhanced trading precision with free live prices and options available on over 300 popular European stocks.

Additionally, Interactive Brokers now supports CME Micro Ultra US Treasury Bond Futures (MWN) and Micro Ultra 10-Year US Treasury Note Futures (MTN), scaled-down versions of classic Treasury contracts. These new futures contracts offer investors similar exposure to benchmark US Treasuries but with smaller margin requirements and tick sizes.

Expanding its options portfolio, Interactive Brokers has listed CME Tuesday/Thursday FOP on Gold, Silver, and Copper (GC, SI, HG), providing more flexibility with additional expiry dates to complement existing contracts. Further diversifying its derivatives lineup, Interactive Brokers introduces Eurex DAX Index End-of-Day Options (ODAP), designed to allow rapid responses to market movements based on the DAX index.

Interactive Brokers Expands Platform Offerings Globally

In collaboration with Eurex Exchange and Korea Exchange (KRX), Interactive Brokers now offers KOSPI and USD/KRW derivatives during core trading hours in Europe and North America, facilitating easier access to the Korean market. Moreover, Interactive Brokers now supports Eurex Three-Month Euro STR Futures (FST3), providing a centrally cleared and cash-settled solution for trading or hedging the new risk-free rate based on the compounded €STR over three months.

Interactive Brokers has added Euronext (MONEP) CAC-40 Daily Options (P1, P2, P3, ….P31) for investors interested in French markets, allowing short-term trading strategies and exposure management to the CAC 40 index. Additionally, Interactive Brokers now offers NSE NIFTY Midcap Select Index Futures (MIDCPNIFTY), tracking the performance of a focused portfolio of 25 stocks within the Nifty Midcap 150 index on the National Stock Exchange of India.

Lastly, Interactive Brokers introduces Spot Bitcoin ETPs, providing investors with accessible exposure to Bitcoin without directly purchasing the cryptocurrency. These ETPs hold actual Bitcoin, aligning their value with cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Interactive Brokers continues to enhance its platform’s capability to trade globally across stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds, and more through a unified interface. The platform’s improved product and exchange search tools simplify the discovery and trading of these new offerings, catering to the diverse needs of global investors.

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