FBS Awards Mercedes-Benz to Birthday Trader from Malaysia

FBS celebrates trading success with a Mercedes-Benz prize, highlighting risk management and emotional control in trading.

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FBS has recently awarded a brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA class car to a trader from Malaysia in recognition of their victory in the FBS Ultimate Trading Birthday event earlier this year. The brokerage firm’s unique approach to rewarding its winners seeks to motivate traders and inspire them to deliver insightful trading events.

In a bid to foster awareness about risk management in trading, FBS has launched “Control Your Drive” on its YouTube channel. This initiative comprises a series of engaging carpool-style interviews featuring experts who draw parallels between the risks of trading and the hazards associated with traveling. The underlying message is that traders must exercise complete control over their trading targets, maintain sound trading psychology, leverage trading tools effectively, and embrace trading advice and strategies.

FBS Awards Mercedes-Benz to Birthday Trader from Malaysia

Andrew Heng, the fortunate winner of FBS’s birthday event, recently shared his invaluable insights with the company as part of the “Control Your Drive” series. Heng also emphasized the critical importance of risk management and emotional control in achieving profitability in the trading world. He highlighted the role of features like stop loss and take profit in safeguarding positions and locking in profits. Moreover, he stressed the significance of making well-informed buying and selling decisions.

To further enrich the discourse on successful trading, FBS brought together a trio of distinguished experts for the “Control Your Drive” series. These experts include business psychology specialist Rebekah Ockens, financial market analyst Eduard Melkostupov, and professional trader Spencer Li. Together, they explored the various facets of successful trading, contending that it transcends mere strategy and analysis. They emphasized that an individual’s ability to effectively manage risk and control their emotions plays a pivotal role in determining their success as a trader.

With its unique blend of innovative prize offerings and informative content, FBS also continues to empower traders and foster a community of well-informed and disciplined traders. The brokerage’s dedication to promoting responsible trading practices stands as a testament to its commitment to the success of its clients.

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