eToro’s SpaceTech Portfolio Unveiled for Retail Investors

Explore eToro’s SpaceTech portfolio, giving retail investors access to top space industry companies and opportunities.

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eToro’s New SpaceTech portfolio, What is it? eToro has introduced a groundbreaking investment opportunity for retail investors with the launch of its “SpaceTech” portfolio. This new offering provides individuals with exposure to companies at the forefront of space technology and exploration, opening the door to the exciting world of space-related investments.

To construct this diversified portfolio, eToro’s team of investment experts meticulously handpicked companies leading the charge in space exploration, space technology, and satellite operations. The initial allocation showcases industry pioneers such as Virgin Galactic, known for its contributions to human spaceflight and space tourism, as well as Airbus, Boeing, Iridium Communications, and Northrop Grumman Corp, each making significant contributions to the sector.

eToro’s SpaceTech Portfolio

eToro’s team of investment experts composed the SpaceTech portfolio with 30 carefully selected stocks, each holding an equal weight of 3.33% in the total portfolio.They based their selections on various criteria, including market capitalization, liquidity metrics, R&D expenditure, and analyst ratings. To ensure the portfolio remains current and optimized, it will undergo an annual rebalance.

Retail investors can enter the SpaceTech portfolio with an initial investment starting from $500. eToro offers a suite of tools and charts to help investors monitor their portfolio’s performance, while its social feed keeps them updated on developments within the space industry. However, it’s important to note that this portfolio is not yet available to users in the United States.

Dani Brinker, Head of Investment Portfolios at eToro, emphasized the significance of this new offering, stating, “While retail investors can’t invest directly in NASA or SpaceX, other avenues exist to capitalize on the space race. From exposure to publicly traded aerospace and defense companies to manufacturers of rockets and satellites, our new SpaceTech portfolio offers our users access to an industry that’s just taking off.”

eToro’s SpaceTech portfolio is a testament to the growing interest in space-related investments and offers retail investors a unique opportunity to participate in this burgeoning sector.

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