DMALINK & Commerzbank Join Forces in FX Streaming

Enhance FX liquidity with DMALINK and Commerzbank team up, optimizing global trading accessibility. Read the News.

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DMALINK & Commerzbank FX Team-Up – a leading institutional ECN (Electronic Communication Network) focusing on emerging markets, welcomes Commerzbank as a market maker. This collaboration aims to fortify DMALINK’s position in the market by expanding cross-currency product support for its global clientele.

Commerzbank, a major player in the financial industry, will now electronically stream prices onto the DMALINK platform. The timing of this partnership strategically aligns with DMALINK’s commitment to supplement existing USD-based currency pairs, thereby providing enhanced liquidity options for its users.

Michael Siwek, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at DMALINK, emphasized the significance of selecting market makers based on critical criteria. Siwek stated, “Commerzbank strategically aligns with these prerequisites, enhancing liquidity within our ecosystem.” Furthermore, The collaboration is expected to contribute to the geographical diversity, depth of book, and quote criteria crucial for DMALINK’s clients.

DMALINK & Commerzbank FX Collaboration

Tibor Gergely, Head of eFX Liquidity at Commerzbank, expressed enthusiasm about providing liquidity to DMALINK. Moreover, Gergely highlighted Commerzbank’s data-driven approach to liquidity provision aiming to optimize the trading experience for clients and enhance accessibility through various venues.

DMALINK is actively expanding its foreign exchange trading services, supporting spot trading and T+0 settlement through both API and GUI services, as well as VOICE. Moreover, The addition of Commerzbank is a pivotal step in line with DMALINK’s roadmap, responding to the growing demand from clients across different regions.

Manu Choudhary, CEO at DMALINK, expressed excitement about Commerzbank joining their network. Choudhary, driven by continuous client demand, affirms the inclusion of Commerzbank, aligning with DMALINK’s core objective of efficiently providing data-driven institutional FX liquidity across various trade sizes. Moreover, As DMALINK continues to evolve its platform, this collaboration reinforces its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of institutional clients in the dynamic foreign exchange market.

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