XTB Unveils Auto-Investing ETF Plans in UAE

Explore XTB UAE ETF Plans for automated investing, featuring Auto-Investing and welcoming Research Director Kathleen Brooks.

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XTB has introduced its Auto-Investing Plans in the UAE, providing investors with a seamless way to engage in passive trading. Following successful launches in various European markets, the platform now aims to provide automated ETF investing opportunities for investors in the UAE.

The Investment Plans product facilitates easy portfolio diversification by offering premade portfolios of up to 9 exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investors can customize their portfolios based on risk preferences, with allocations automatically managed by the platform. Designed for passive investors seeking a hands-off approach to portfolio management, this user-friendly feature offers simplicity and convenience.

With plans starting at just $15, XTB’s Investment Plans cater to investors looking for convenient and cost-effective ways to access ETFs. The platform’s commission-free pricing model ensures that users do not incur additional charges or account fees. The plans are accessible through XTB’s mobile apps, providing investors with flexibility and on-the-go access.

Achraf Drid, CEO of XTB for the Middle East and North Africa, highlighted the potential of ETFs and passive investing, emphasizing the ease of building diversified portfolios without the need for manual selection of individual instruments. The addition of a recurring deposit feature further enhances convenience for investors.

XTB Introduces Auto-Investing ETF Plans in UAE

XTB initially introduced the Investment Plans in September, successfully testing them in the Romanian market. Following subsequent launches in Portugal, Slovakia, and Poland, XTB has expanded its offerings to retail investors in the UAE. The platform, founded in Poland, currently serves over 847,000 customers globally, supporting their access to financial markets.

The introduction of investment plans in the UAE came shortly after XTB enabled local traders to engage in fractional share trading. The minimum transaction value for fractional shares is EUR 10, providing investors with the opportunity to participate in the market with smaller amounts.

In a recent development, XTB’s Investment Plans in the UAE now include an “auto-investing” feature, allowing users to set a fixed amount for funding ETF-based passive instruments. This enhancement further streamlines the investment process for users seeking automated and hassle-free investment solutions.

Coinciding with the launch of the passive trading offering, XTB announced the appointment of Kathleen Brooks as Research Director. Bringing her 15 years of industry experience, Brooks, previously affiliated with GAIN Capital and Forex.com, is expected to provide valuable insights into XTB’s research capabilities. This strategic hire reflects XTB’s commitment to enhancing its research and analysis capabilities in the dynamic financial landscape.

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