XTB Launches Auto-Trading for Passive Investment Plans

Discover XTB new auto-trading feature, empowering passive investors to effortlessly grow wealth through innovative Investment Plans.

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XTB is set to introduce an auto-trading option within its popular passive “Investment Plans,” catering to passive investors seeking long-term financial growth through ETF funds. This development, revealed today, follows XTB’s recent unveiling of the Investment Plans just four months ago.

Omar Arnaout, the CEO of XTB, believes that the introduction of auto-trading will enhance the appeal of recurring payments, making it easier for investors to engage in long-term, passive investment while leveraging the global potential offered by ETF funds. The Investment Plans initiated last autumn enable clients to create up to 10 investment portfolios, each tailored with a unique strategy based on selected ETF funds. Notably, each portfolio can comprise a maximum of 9 funds, with a minimal investment requirement of just $15.

XTB had initially planned to implement the ability to fund each investment portfolio regularly by the end of the year, though there was a slight delay in its execution. Arnaout emphasized the use of modern technology and algorithmic trading, stating that clients can now invest a chosen amount regularly, appealing to those interested in investing but lacking the time for active involvement.

XTB Launches Auto-Trading for Passive Investment Plans

With the introduction of the recurring payment feature, investors can determine the frequency and amount of their investments, with the flexibility to adjust settings at any time to align with their current investment needs and goals. Finance Magnates reports that XTB will launch and swiftly implement the new offering on Thursday in all eligible markets, including Poland.

“We are seeing promising results for Investment Plans in all markets,” stated the CEO of XTB, reflecting on the positive response from investors. XTB continues to expand its offerings, with recent additions such as fractional shares trading in its Dubai branch and attractive interest rates on idle client deposits.

In addition to these expansions, XTB actively incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) in its trading and business processes. Led by Tomasz Gawron, XTB is establishing a dedicated AI division to develop products supporting trading processes and end-users, aligning with technological advancements.

Despite a temporary decline in revenue and net profit due to lower market volatility, XTB remains focused on client acquisition, with the latest report from Q3 2023 indicating a 47% growth in active clients. In the first nine months of 2023 alone, XTB acquired over 234,000 clients, demonstrating a 60% increase compared to the previous year.

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