The Funded Trader Relocates to Cayman Islands, Resumes

The Funded Trader relocates to the Cayman Islands, resumes operations, ensures payouts, and reallocates profits to charity.

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The Funded Trader Relocates as it has resumed its services and announced its relocation from the United States to the Cayman Islands. The move is part of a broader restructuring effort, with the company transitioning its operations to an entity based in the Cayman Islands.

The company confirmed in a statement that it is currently transitioning The Funded Trader LLC, previously headquartered in the USA. However, details regarding the continuity of ownership or any business transactions involving Easton Consulting Technologies, the parent company, remain undisclosed.

Notably, Angelo Ciaramello, CEO of Easton and The Funded Trader, made adjustments to his social media profiles, removing references to The Funded Trader. While his LinkedIn profile indicates his tenure as CEO of The Funded Trader until March 2024, there have been no formal announcements regarding his departure.

The Funded Trader: Relocates, Restructures, Resumes Operations

Despite previous allegations and a temporary suspension of services, The Funded Trader aims to realign its business model to allocate profits towards charitable causes exclusively. This strategic shift reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility and ethical investment practices.

Addressing concerns over pending payouts, the company assured stakeholders that all pending payments would be distributed according to a predefined schedule. Active account holders, including those with challenged and funded accounts, must restart their accounts. The announcement specified that accounts without pending payouts would receive coupons for a new Phase 1 account, with no option for account migrations from previous accounts.

Efforts to reach Ciaramello for further clarification were unsuccessful at the time of reporting. Despite challenges and uncertainties surrounding the company’s recent actions, stakeholders await further developments as The Funded Trader navigates through this transitional phase.

In Conclusion, amidst its relocation to the Cayman Islands and the resumption of operations, The Funded Trader demonstrates resilience and adaptability. With a renewed focus on charitable causes and the assurance of pending payouts, the company aims for a promising future in the trading industry.

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