TBC Capital and TipRanks: Investment Revolution Unleashed

TBC Capital sparks investment revolution, integrating TipRanks tools for enhanced insights and informed decisions in Georgian markets.

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TBC Capital sparks an investment revolution, partnering with TipRanks to integrate cutting-edge tools into its platform. This collaboration marks TipRanks’ debut in the Georgian market, providing TBC Capital’s customers with unprecedented access to advanced financial data and tools typically reserved for hedge funds and high-net-worth institutional investors.

The integration includes TipRanks’ Analyst Forecast tool and Bull and Bear Summary, aiming to empower TBC Capital’s clientele with comprehensive insights for more informed investment decisions. The Analyst Forecast tool furnishes users with analyst consensus, price forecasts, and projected upside and downside for stocks and exchange-traded funds. Meanwhile, the Bull and Bear Summary overviews overall analyst sentiment on each stock, summarizing the factors guiding their sentiments.

TBC Capital Revolution: TipRanks Transforms Investment Insights

Meri Chachanidze, the Managing Director of TBC Capital, emphasized the institution’s commitment to streamlining decision-making for investors. Chachanidze stated, “The addition of two new features to TBC Capital’s investment platform, in collaboration with TipRanks, seamlessly aligns with this mission.” She further highlighted that the enhanced platform now provides users with accessible and expert-driven insights, contributing to more informed investment choices.

TipRanks, founded in 2012, is renowned for its stock research platform that democratizes access to alternative databases for retail traders. Using natural language processing to analyze professional analysts’ performance, TipRanks has forged global partnerships with various brokerages, exchanges, and financial institutions. Notably, the Israeli company has expanded into the Japanese and Chinese markets through collaborations with Rakuten and Futu while also integrating its tools with entities such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and brokers across Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

TipRanks’ CEO, Uri Gruenbaum, expressed confidence in the success of this inaugural Georgian partnership. Gruenbaum stated, “This is the first partnership in the Georgian market for TipRanks, and I am confident that it will bring further success to TBC Capital and TipRanks alike.” He emphasized that collaborations like these align with TipRanks’ overarching goal of leveling the playing field for everyday investors, reflecting the company’s commitment to democratizing access to valuable financial insights.

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