Euroclear and IZNES Forge Strategic Blockchain Partnership

Discover Euroclear and IZNES groundbreaking blockchain partnership revolutionizing European fund markets. Read The News.

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In the Euroclear and IZNES partnership, Euroclear is positioned to acquire a stake in IZNES, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals. Founded in 2017, IZNES offers an international platform for the subscription and redemption of shares in European funds. Leveraging blockchain technology, IZNES aims to streamline subscription processes, enhance transparency, and elevate management companies’ and institutional investors’ overall customer experience.

Euroclear’s decision to partner with IZNES underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation within financial markets. The company’s recent acquisitions, including MFEX in 2021 and Goji in 2023, have fortified its Euroclear FundsPlace offering, consolidating its position as a premier provider of end-to-end solutions across diverse fund types.

Euroclear and IZNES Forge Strategic Blockchain Partnership

Philippe Laurensy, Euroclear’s Head of Product, Strategy, and Innovation, underscored the transformative potential of harnessing digital technologies to mutualize data and automate processes. He noted that IZNES’ solution has already delivered tangible benefits to users and anticipates further scalability through this strategic partnership.

Christophe Lepitre, CEO of IZNES, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Euroclear, heralding it as a pivotal moment in IZNES’ developmental trajectory. Lepitre emphasized the critical role of collaboration in fueling ongoing innovation and unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology to deliver value to customers.

While both Euroclear and IZNES remain optimistic about the prospects of this partnership, they have not disclosed the financial terms of the transaction. Together, they aspire to drive continued innovation in funds distribution models, reaffirming their commitment to delivering efficient, customer-centric solutions within the financial services landscape.

The partnership between Euroclear and IZNES marks a convergence of two industry leaders poised to reshape the future of fund distribution. With a keen focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaboration, the alliance sets the stage for driving meaningful advancements and creating enduring value for stakeholders across the financial ecosystem. Lastly, as we await regulatory approvals and finalize closing conditions, anticipation mounts for the transformative impact of this partnership on European fund markets.

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