eToro and NewDeal Launch NDI-Future Tech

Explore eToro NDI-Future Tech portfolio, a collaboration with NewDeal Invest, offering users curated exposure to emerging tech companies.

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eToro has joined forces with Danish investment fund NewDeal Invest to introduce a cutting-edge portfolio named ‘NDI-Future Tech.’ Moreover, this collaboration will leverage NewDeal’s proficiency in identifying emerging tech and growth-driven innovation companies, offering eToro users exposure to this dynamic market.

Dani Brinker, Head of Investment Portfolio at eToro, emphasized the significance of technology in societal development and its status as the best-performing sector in the stock market over the past two decades. Furthermore, Brinker expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “With a simple click, our users can now enhance the diversification of their tech investments, providing them access to a curated selection of investment opportunities.”

eToro and NewDeal Launch NDI-Future Tech

The ‘NDI-Future Tech portfolio will draw on NewDeal Invest’s continuous research of over 100 Nasdaq-listed tech innovators. Through quarterly in-depth analyses, around 40 companies with long-term business models are selected for inclusion based on a methodology that considers valuation examination and technological insights. Moreover, this approach comprehensively explains growth durability, business scalability, profit margin trajectories, and mature-stage profitability.

Mads Christiansen, founder and fund manager at NewDeal Invest, highlighted the firm’s commitment to simplifying and enhancing investment opportunities for global investors. He stated, “Today, we proudly extend our reach to a global audience by crafting portfolios tailored to eToro’s customer base.”

eToro’s Smart Portfolios, including the NDI-Future Tech portfolio, offer diversified exposure to various market themes. Utilizing a passive investment approach and bundling assets under a defined methodology, these portfolios provide long-term investment solutions. The initial investment for eToro’s Smart Portfolios starts at USD 500, allowing investors to access tools and charts for performance tracking. Additionally, eToro’s social feed keeps users informed about sector developments. It’s important to note that this opportunity is not available to users in the United States.

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