Devexperts and BizCuits Integrated Trading Solution

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Devexperts integrates DXtrade with BizCuits, forming an Integrated Trading Solution for forex and CFD brokers. This cross-integration aims to offer a streamlined solution available from one source through a plug-and-play model, facilitating rapid integration for users. The collaboration between the two platforms will leverage their expertise to deliver a turnkey offering specifically designed for prop trading firms and CFD brokers. Notably, this partnership will broaden the scope of prop and customer support integrations, enhancing the overall trading experience.

Jon Light, Head of OTC platforms at Devexperts, remarked, “The team at BizCuits have been working with a number of the DXtrade clients over the past few years. They have a unique service and take on a very important aspect of running a broker or prop firm. We see firms want to get up and running quicker than ever, now new clients that take up both offerings can get their platform faster and be sure their risk is managed professionally.”

Devexperts and BizCuits Integrated Trading Solution

The collaboration comes at a time when there’s a surge in demand for trading platforms and ancillary services within the prop trading industry. This spike in demand for DXtrade follows the purported crackdown on the prop trading industry by MetaQuotes, the developer of MetaTrader platforms. Devexperts recently disclosed that it successfully signed and launched a dozen prop firms with its trading platform in just five business days.

The partnership aims to provide brokers and their clients with an array of enhanced services, including live chat and a chatbot, a knowledge base, AML monitoring, KYC procedures, marketing and advertising support, payments processing solutions, CRM integration, and prop trading capabilities.

Tristan Agius, CEO of BizCuits, emphasized, “Our objective is simple: to provide the tools to brand owners, offering them the talent and operational capacity necessary to take care of day-to-day operations so they can focus on growth. Working hand in hand with our partners, we seek to encourage a relationship of equal and equitable partners while we grow their businesses.”

This integration marks a significant step forward in streamlining operations and enhancing services within the forex and CFD industry, providing brokers and prop trading firms with a comprehensive solution to meet their evolving needs efficiently.

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