CFI Launches Beta AI Trading Assistant for Traders

Transform your trading with CFI’s Beta AI Trading Assistant—automated strategies and expert insights for a cutting-edge experience.

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CFI has shared the Beta Version of its in-app AI Trading Assistant, marking a significant leap in online trading technology. Following the earlier introduction of Capitalise AI, an AI-based trading automation tool, CFI aims to redefine online trading by addressing key concerns such as risk management, emotional control, access to simplified information, and increased automation capabilities.

The AI Trading Assistant, integrated into CFI’s app, serves as a comprehensive companion for traders, offering a spectrum of functionalities. From providing the latest market analysis to facilitating requests for withdrawals and leverage changes, the AI Assistant is designed to cater to diverse trader needs. Moreover, CFI emphasizes its commitment to revolutionizing the trading experience through innovative solutions.

CFI Launches AI Trading Assistant Beta for Traders

Hisham Mansour, Co-founder and Managing Director of CFI, highlighted the company’s proactive stance in adopting AI technology. He stated, “At CFI, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them.” Mansour emphasized the pioneering nature of CFI’s launch, positioning the company at the forefront of global efforts to integrate AI tools and services for traders. Encouraging user participation, Mansour urged traders to test the Beta version and provide feedback to enhance its capabilities.

In tandem with the AI Trading Assistant launch, CFI’s Research and Education team introduced a trailblazing Webinar Series titled “Trade with AI advantage.” This series aims to demystify the utilization of AI in trading, offering simplified insights into AI-powered strategies and cutting-edge tools. CFI, renowned for its innovative financial solutions, invites traders to participate in these webinars led by a team of market analysts and AI industry experts.

The company acknowledges the overwhelming nature of information available to traders, particularly those new to online markets. As part of its commitment to education, CFI seeks to empower traders by facilitating a smoother adoption of emerging AI technologies. Lastly, Mansour confirmed plans for exciting events focused on AI in 2024, reinforcing CFI’s dedication to keeping clients one step ahead in the dynamic world of trading.

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