CARV Launches Alphanet for Decentralized Data Ownership

CARV Launches Alphanet to Empower Decentralized Data Ownership: Advancing user-owned data and scalable decentralized network solutions.

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CARV launches Alphanet, which aims to empower decentralized data ownership. It is supported by 38,000 verifier nodes distributed throughout its community and is valued at $35 million. This initiative is crucial to CARV’s vision of true decentralization and a future with user-owned data.

CARV’s node operators, now pivotal stakeholders, can own, control, and monetize their data, enabling enterprises to innovate with high-quality information. Moreover, the Alphanet launch allows these operators to test the network, playing a key role in preventing system manipulation and enhancing security through a two-staged smart contract verification process. According to CoinDesk, CARV is evolving into a scalable, decentralized protocol layer, facilitating the seamless onboarding of high-quality games, gamers, and applications in a secure, decentralized data environment.

Starting June 28, users can download and operate the Node Operation software. Starting July 1, node operators can begin running nodes on Alphanet and potentially earn test rewards. Moreover, these rewards are just the beginning, as contributions to data validation on Alphanet will be rewarded when the mainnet launches, with 25% of the total token supply reserved for verifier rewards. This incentive structure aligns the protocol’s long-term success with the community’s interests and presents exciting opportunities for node operators.

CARV Launches Alphanet to Empower Decentralized Data Ownership

Victor Yu, CARV Co-Founder, acknowledges the community’s significant role in the network’s progress. “From our successful node distribution to today’s Alphanet launch, we are rapidly progressing towards a more decentralized and scalable network,” he says.

Moreover, the community’s overwhelming participation shows readiness for an open data frontier that generates user value and a powerful mandate. Moreover, this collective effort has brought them to a significant milestone, accelerating the building of the world’s most vibrant data ecosystem.”

The Alphanet launch builds on CARV’s momentum from forming high-profile partnerships. Recently, CARV announced a partnership with double Inc., the pioneering Japanese Web3 gaming company and primary developers behind Oasys, the leading layer-1 blockchain for gamers.

Through this collaboration, double jump. tokyo and Oasys will run CARV nodes, generating staked token rewards for participating in CARV’s governance. Lastly, collaborations with industry giants like Animoca Brands, Neowiz’ IntellaX, Google Cloud, and Netmarble’s MARBLEX further solidify CARV’s position as the premier gaming and AI data layer, poised to drive industry-wide innovation.

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