ADSS & Adaptive: Cloud Trading Broker Platform!

Explore the Cloud Trading Broker Platform Platform by ADSS and Adaptive, reshaping retail investment with innovation and 24/7 accessibility.

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ADSS to share an exclusive, cloud-based retail broker platform. This innovative platform introduces a proprietary trading system that operates 24/7 on the cloud, providing users with seamless accessibility through web browsers and native mobile apps.

The upcoming retail broking platform will revolutionize the industry with its unprecedented 24/7 availability, high throughput, and low latency. Furthermore, Its cloud-native infrastructure incorporates fault-tolerant Aeron and Hydra technology, ensuring a robust and resilient trading experience with minimal spreads for users.

Adaptive, acting as a long-term partner in this venture, has played a pivotal role by providing strategic advice, platform, and experience (UX) design, along with ongoing management. This collaborative effort ensures continuous innovation, with Adaptive actively introducing new features and asset classes to meet the dynamic demands of customers in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

ADSS and Adaptive Cloud Retail Broker Platform

Sophia Salim, ADSS’s Chief Technology Officer, underscored the platform’s capability to cater to diverse and sophisticated audiences, setting it apart in functionality, feel, and performance. Moreover, This collaboration emphasizes ADSS’ commitment to maintaining a leading edge in the market, adapting proactively to clients’ changing needs, and establishing an industry-defining offering in the fiercely competitive retail trading sector.

The significance of this development lies in clients’ understanding of ADSS’ dedication to innovation, responsiveness to evolving customer needs, and its endeavor to set new standards in the highly competitive retail trading market. Notably, in a strategic move last year, ADSS ceased its service and license in the UK, redirecting its focus towards serving institutional clients in other entities, marking a shift in its strategic positioning within the financial landscape.

As the retail broking platform prepares for launch, industry observers anticipate a transformative impact, setting new benchmarks in accessibility, reliability, and functionality within the retail trading sector. Lastly, This collaboration is expected to leave a lasting imprint on the industry, offering a glimpse into the future of retail trading technology.

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