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Admirals Group AS has recently revealed significant changes to its organizational structure, including a noteworthy Leadership Restructuring involving the supervisory board and management team. The alterations involve the appointments of Anton Tikhomirov and Daniel Skowronski, reflecting the company’s strategic focus on efficient management and clear strategic direction.

In line with the decisions made during the general meeting of shareholders, Anton Tikhomirov, a former member of the Supervisory Board, made a transition to the management board on January 4, 2024. Simultaneously, Daniel Skowronski, holding the position of Chief Revenue Officer, assumed a pivotal role on the management board.

The overall governance of the company will be overseen by the Admirals Steering Committee, consisting of key members such as Sergei Bogatenkov, Andres Ioannou, and Andrey Koks. Meanwhile, the Supervisory Board, tasked with crucial oversight responsibilities, comprises Alexander Tsikhilov, Anatolii Mikhalchenko, Dmitri Lauš, and Priit Rohumaa.

Admirals Group AS: Leadership Restructuring News

Anton Tikhomirov’s journey with Admirals began in 2012 as the Regional Director for the LATAM region. After six years, he transitioned to the supervisory board in January 2016. His return to the management board underscores the company’s strategic approach to leadership placement.

Despite being a recent addition to Admirals, Daniel Skowronski brings a wealth of experience to his role. His extensive background includes holding executive positions in the FX & CFD and financial services sectors. Notably, Skowronski served as the CEO of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at OANDA and held the CEO position for Alpari operations in the UK.

These strategic appointments emphasize the Admirals Group’s commitment to strengthening its leadership team. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals, the company aims to navigate the dynamic forex market successfully and position itself for sustained growth. The changes reflect a strategic vision geared towards enhancing operational efficiency and fostering a robust strategic direction for Admirals Group AS.

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